Yo, Adrian! When Philly firm goes hunting, it relies on creativity to land Leggett and Platt

March 2, 2010

I am often asked by peers who started with me in public relations, “How did you manage to create a breakout firm, one that lands national clients?” I’ve always hated sharing trade secrets. But I believe creativity and enthusiasm are the keys to convincing prospects, regardless of where they are located or how large they might be, to engage a Philadelphia-based firm to manage their public relations or social media programs.

One recent example is how we won business from Missouri-based Leggett & Platt, a $3 billion S&P 500 company. We had done business with Leggett on a limited basis in 2006, but when they put their entire account out for national bid, we needed a creative way to showcase our enthusiasm and ability to serve them working out of Philadelphia. I think the resulting tongue-and-cheek video, which we presented to their executive team at the pitch meeting, says it all. And yes, we did get Leggett’s corporate work!

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Gina Ciagne, CLC
9 years 16 days ago

This video is why I love working with all of you! creativity..check, enthusiasm….check, results…check, check, check. And, quite gregarious!

Greg Matusky
9 years 16 days ago


Thanks so much for the comment. Lansinoh is one of our favorite clients, not just because of the great work you do, but also because of how you have embraced social media and made it an important component of your marketing program. The best part? You’re now a thought leader.

Thanks again! And my legs are still cramped from running up the Art Museum steps.


Rich Levin
9 years 16 days ago

I never thought my barking was going to go global!

Kevin Sweeney
9 years 3 days ago

Greg, Props to you and your staff for a great pitch video. Congratulations on the win. I see that you have lost the gallop in your stride from your track days. Keep setting the bar higher for everyone else.