Yes, Virginia, social media can drive sales

December 4, 2012

This post was written by Kristin Elliott, Vice President of Business Development

Marketers are increasingly under pressure to deliver business results with social media. And while some marketers have been able to grow social networks, get content retweeted, and in some cases, have their content go viral, they can’t connect the dots between that effort and moving the sales needle.

Gregory FCA wants to show you how to deliver. We’ve released a new resource today to help marketers understand how they can use social media to drive sales. Sales Enablement: The New Frontier of Social Media, is a free, 41-minute podcast and accompanying eGuide, featuring Ed McNamara — marketing and communications head at SHI International, the $4 billion IT technology and solutions provider — and our own Rich Levin.

Working with Gregory FCA, SHI International has been able to institutionalize social media throughout its sales organization and leverage it to expand SHI’s sales pipeline and accelerate the flow of leads through to close. To learn how, click the play button to listen to the podcast. We’ve indexed the podcast below, so you can jump ahead to a certain topic that interests you most.

  • 4:45 The evolution of SHI’s communication and marketing departments
  • 5:20 How social media has changed the way SHI interacts with customers
  • 11:40 Getting SHI employees to buy into social media and produce successful content
  • 19:45 How SHI has maintained long-term social media success
  • 22:00 The benefits of social media over newsletters and other traditional content-sharing methods
  • 23:47 Why content is always king
  • 25:00 Why it’s important to incorporate personality and opinion into corporate social media
  • 28:10 The biggest surprises of SHI’s social media campaign
  • 31:00 What’s next for SHI’s social media networks
  • 36:30 The Gregory FCA social media presentation that started it all

For more details on these resources, read the press release we issued today announcing their availability. If they’re useful to you and you’d like more information, let us know. In addition, feel free to leave us a comment with any questions.

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