With Piers Morgan canned, who’s next?

March 5, 2014
Piers Morgan gravestone

Well, Piers Morgan is gone. CNN’s great experiment to find the next Larry King has ended in utter failure. Why is it even important? A vibrant, successful CNN is important to American media and anyone in public relations in need of a market to merchandise stories. Morgan was cancelled after never really finding his stride. What started as in-depth hour-long celebrity focused interview show defused into an arrogant, Morgan-centered news show obsessed with gun control and overwhelmed by ego and arrogance. I admit I originally liked the choice of Morgan, when I thought his tabloid background would give way to a lively mix of pop culture coverage. Never happened. Morgan came off as a British aristocrat sniffling about American ignorance and stupidity.

Who will succeed him? One recent survey had more than 80 percent of respondents clamoring for The King’s return. That’s unlikely. Other speculation swirls around Rosie O’Donnell and Anthony Bourdain, who incidentally is now CNN’s top ratings generator. But they have a similar nasty streak to Morgan. Bill Weir and Katie Couric have been rumored. White bread with mayo anyone?

My idea? CBS’ Craig Ferguson, host of the Late, Late Show. Yea, another foreigner. But somehow, this Scotsman is much more palatable than Morgan. Ferguson’s engaging, relaxed, self-deprecating style might just be the anecdote to the 9:00 p.m. hate-baiting of Fox and MSNBC.

Considering his time slot, Ferguson has done well in ratings. But what makes him particularly appealing is an immigrant’s love of America. Even with all of our warts and flaws as well as his own (Ferguson is a recovering addict), Ferguson is proud to be a naturalized citizen and relishes our country’s quirkiness, proud to have visited every state in the Union, and constantly marveling at American idiosyncrasies, instead of attacking them.

How about you? Who would you like to see assume the desk once lorded over by The King himself? Vote and we will publish the findings in an upcoming post on Gregarious:

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