What Batman can teach you about social media

February 24, 2010

How do you introduce social media to a boardroom full of skeptics? Start with Batman. At least, that’s what I did in a recent boardroom session with a client.

The Batman reference underscored the world of old media. Batman was a nationwide sensation when it first hit TV in the 1960s. Unfortunately, at that time, I was living in Western Pennsylvania where my family’s black and white TV set only received two networks, neither of which carried Batman.

That was the age of media scarcity, when content was controlled, filtered, and monolithic. Today is the age of abundance, when content is liberated, unfiltered, and diverse. Social media opens an entirely new world of opportunities for companies to manage and share their own message through new digital channels.

And here’s what really turned heads in the meeting: Today, Adam West has his own blog and Facebook page. How’s that for illustrating the new age of media abundance?

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Kwan Morrow
9 years 1 month ago
Hi Greg,Great post and presentation! Having my boots on the ground for many of our social media efforts has allowed me to see firsthand the shift from scarcity to abundance, even overlfow. Many-a-lightbulbs are beginning to click as people now see how within seconds, anyone can launch a blog, Twitter handle, Facebook page or any other number of publishing tools, and broadcast their thoughts to the world. This allows any (rightly or wrongly) dissatisfied customer, to possibly have a voice just as loud as the company they are criticizing – filter be damned. This makes it more difficult for companies… Read more »