The iPad rocks Gregory FCA’s holiday party

December 22, 2010
stacking apples

Jaime Kenworthy stacks apples in the final round of “Minute to Win It.”

A hallmark of Gregory FCA has always been our holiday party. A year to plan, it celebrates the 12 months of hard work and perseverance our people commit to our clients nationwide. And each year, it parodies something from the media.

Two years ago, six Gregory FCAer’s spent a month taking dance lessons in order to perform an evening of “Dancing with the Stars” at our party. This year, a take-off of “Minute to Win It” brought the house to its knees.

But the real excitement came when we gave every employee an iPad as our gift to them for an outstanding year’s worth of work.

However, it wasn’t without a business objective. Mobile communication is revolutionizing public relations. And my partner — Doug Rose — and I thought it was important to make a statement and committment to keep Gregory FCA on the leading edge of technology.

Already, the payback is obvious. When 50 professionals invest their own time and energy to learn a new technology, sharing is inevitable. For the past two weeks, we have been busily sharing with one another the best possible apps for improving personal productivity, keeping abreast of the latest media, and yes, playing and entertaining ourselves — after hours, of course.

It’s all part of the Consumerization of IT, a concept we helped communicate for our client, Unisys, this year. The theory is astonishingly powerful.

Right now, workers around the globe are investing their own time and money to learn and master new consumer technologies, the iPad being one of them. Corporations however, are reticent to incorporate and support these technologies because of security and cost concerns.

By not embracing them, however, companies deny themselves the advantage of a free investment that their employees are making in research and development. In essence, they are training themselves in how to use consumer technologies to advance their own productivity.

We’ve learned a lot working with Unisys, so much so that we realized a $40,000 investment in outfitting the entire firm with iPads (and making them employees’ personal property) was a savvy way to capitalize on our people’s own energy, creativity, and willingness to improve themselves by mastering next-wave communications technologies.

It was a blast. The only problem now is figuring out how to top it in 2011.

Could this be us???

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8 years 2 months ago

Loved this video Greg! I just got back from Dreamforce in San Francisco.. and there were almost as many Apple IPADs as there were "Blue Clouds." It's a great tool for your staff. I remember when we worked together and you were just a small shop with a few clients.. Congratulations on your continued success.

Debbie Ruriani

8 years 2 months ago

omg can i come work for you???? looks like a great place to work.