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May 19, 2010

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of great comments lately on our blog. I love hearing your insights, feedback, and contributions to the conversations we have here. I wanted to respond to some the most recent comments you’ve shared with us.

RE: Each person who commented on The hottest new job in public relations: chief content officer

You’re not the only one who found value in the post about chief content officers. We received loads of e-mails and six comments on the topic. It seems to have hit a real chord.

My colleague here at Gregory FCA forwarded me a post from David Meerman Scott who used the term “brand journalism” to communicate the same notion I expressed in the post. I am not comfortable about the use of journalism in this context.

Rather, I think content is a little more transparent. Journalism connotes objectivity. A chief content officer will always have to have the corporation’s best interests at heart. But more and more, that interest has to include a degree of transparency, less the audience simply stops listening because of the bias.

Thanks for your note.


RE: Frank Freudberg on When good social media goes bad

Thanks for the thoughtful comments, Frank. In communications, the future is hitting us like a giant wave. We shared an important mentor years ago. Sid might put it a bit more bluntly. Get up every morning and run like hell! I’m eagerly awaiting your next book.


RE: Anonymous on When good social media goes bad

Thanks for your kind comments. With the blog, we’re just trying to tell it like it is from inside the world of Gregory FCA. It sounds like you share our interest and inquisitiveness about the changing face of public relations. Perhaps we should talk?


RE: Anthony Graziano on Gregory FCA is 20 years old today

Thank you for the compliment. We love working with you guys at Integra. It’s been a very good ride. We are fortunate at Gregory FCA to have attracted the quality of talent that you reference in your comment. Kathryn, Kathleen, and Leigh have set some pretty high standards, and I appreciate you singling them out for the credit! Now, if only this real estate recession would end!


RE: Elaine Hughes on 48 hours of bliss with my new iPad

You’re right. The iPad can’t run Flash, a real bummer when you go to Hulu and learn that you can’t watch any of the videos. Let’s hope Mr. Jobs makes friends with Adobe.

I do think the iPad has the ability to replace my desktop. I have found lots of apps to help me get there. One allows me to see my network files. Another allows your iPad to emulate a Windows 7 computer. I think we’ll get there. But right now, an inability to print to my network and the challenge of typing directly on the screen has divided my time between the iPad and my Windows-based laptop.


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