“Precious” and “An Education” to upset Oscars?

March 3, 2010

One of the things I am most proud of is my work with the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. It’s not a Gregory FCA client. Rather, I serve on the Institute’s board and do what I can to support the organization, which is committed to film, film education, as well as the preservation of a historic theater here on the Main Line.

Its President, Juliet Goodfriend, is a tremendous advocate and ambassador of film. My support fits well with a lifetime commitment to communications — this one being in the visual arts instead of strictly media.

For fun, we worked with Juliet to conduct a study of who will win the Oscars. (Incidentally, the Institute is holding an “Oscar Bling Fling” party this Sunday night to celebrate its fifth anniversary and watch the Academy Awards. Tickets are still available online.) We used Neilsen BuzzMetrics to review online sentiment for nominees up for Best Picture, Director, Actor, and Actress.

Obviously, no one can predict who will win. But we thought it would be fun to see who had the most positive buzz leading into this weekend’s awards. We found that in many cases there was a tie — and even an upset. The envelope please …

Best Picture is a tie between “Precious” and “An Education,” two low-grossing, sleeper films.

Best Director offers up a tie between Lee Daniels for “Precious” and Jason Reitman who directed “Up in the Air.”

Best Actor also stands as tie between Jeff Bridges for his performance in “Crazy Heart” and George Clooney for his leading role in “Up in the Air.”

Best Actress shows that Helen Mirren and Carey Mulligan are also tied. Mirren starred in “The Last Station” and Mulligan performed as the leading actress in “An Education.”

We worked with the Institute to put out a press release on this, and it’ll tell you more about how we did the study, as well as some other interesting findings we came across. It will be exciting to see whether the pre-awards buzz lives up to reality. We’ll be waiting in the wings to find out!

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