Our PR pros support the ABC requirement to break out sales by platform

March 27, 2012
Media Post article

Today’s topic on GThink: “ABC Expands Digital Magazine Circ Reporting,” covered by MediaPost.

METRICS MATTER: The ABC is pushing
pubs to come clean on their digital circs

Abstract: MediaPost this week reports that the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation) is pushing to add a requirement that major consumer magazines start reporting circulation by platform. And that includes online, mobile, and tablet, as well as hard-copy subscribers and newsstand sales. At a time when hard copy circs are plummeting, online readership and viewership for many media — Forbes being a notable example — are skyrocketing.

The takeaway: It’s as if they have been mining our emails here at Gregory FCA. In the new digital world, where analytics now define campaign success, how we as professionals identify and communicate our impact to clients is vital to explaining our value and justifying a client’s investment in PR. Opens, downloads, views, traffic, and the echo effect across the digital domain all count — all increase visibility and all amplify our storytelling. Unlike any other time in the history of PR, we are now accountable.

That’s what G thinks. What do you think?

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