How Gregory FCA jumps into action for fellow colleagues

March 2, 2010

Granted, I am an unabashed booster to Gregory FCA. Can’t help it. My name is on the door. But sometimes it’s important for the world to understand our culture and what it means to be part of the mission. And when I say mission, I do mean mission. We work under the mentality of “brothers in arms,” fighting together for the greater good of our clients.

So I thought today, I would post an unsolicited e-mail I received from our head of investor relations, Joe Hassett. Joe joined us in 2005, when we acquired his successful IR practice. He brought with him a tremendous amount of financial communications know-how, as well as a can-do attitude that’s made him a fan favorite with clients and colleagues.

Here’s the actual e-mail, with slight edits for clarity, he sent me on a snowy Saturday morning.

How ’bout a shout out to “Z” and Brian

It’s what I love about working at GFCA.

It’s late on a Friday afternoon. It’s been a long, difficult week, and now the sun is setting and it’s getting dark and a biting wind is whippng up from the North. Cold. One of Gregory FCA’s young staffers is wrapping up for the day, bundled against the elements, anxious to get to the “Hopefully” plowed parking lot where there is sanctuary, the car that will transport the employee to the warm environs of their home. There’s only one problem. The car won’t start.

Fortunately, it’s a Gregory FCA employee, and as additional staffers slowing filter out of the building, dog tired from battling the elements and serving clients all week, they stop, nonetheless. But no one has jumper cables. Brian McDermott [our director of media research] mounts his Ford Bronco, rides briskly through the street navigating Friday evening traffic and the elements simultaneously in search of help. “Z” – Jackie Zima [our top consumer media professional] stays behind to provide support and words of encouragement. It’s only a few minutes before Brian returns to the scene, freshly purchased jumper cables in hand, where he helps “Z” physically push the vehicle free from the hard, frozen tundra so as to gain access to the battery.

But, alas, the battery is pretty shot and the “jump” doesn’t work. At one point there is a flicker of hope, but in the time it takes an ampere to fight the resistance of 20 feet of cable, she’s dead again.

It’s 7:00 PM now, Friday night. Many a gaudy Gregory FCA Happy Hour would have already been over. In the Gregory FCA parking lot, it’s only now Triple AAA time. They can be here in an hour with their industrial strength solution. “Z” will wait with the distraught employee. Maybe something from John Henry’s [our firm’s favorite watering hole] will help the hour pass more quickly, and the pain dissipate just a little? Maybe.

At the end of the day, however, it is about Brian and “Z” who truly care about their fellow employee. At the end of the day, it is a Gregory FCA story.

A shout out to Brian and “Z” – thank you, thank you for making Gregory FCA a great place to work.

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