Gregory FCA’s Tiger Woods sentiment analysis grabs attention of Forbes and other media

February 25, 2010
Sports Money article

The Tiger Woods sentiment analysis we conducted struck a real chord with the media. Kurt Badenhausen at Forbes covered it, and it led to a ton of inquires from others who wanted the research. I also got a call from a major sports agent who wanted to see if we could do a similar analysis for a couple of his clients in contract negotiations.

The thing that made this post effective was the effort that went into it. The team worked hard to monitor and analyze the results, and come up with real news, instead of simply pontificating about what Tiger did right or wrong. We were on top of the story from the second Tiger Woods’ press conference ended.

It also illustrates the kind of campaigns we are now conducting for clients. They’re fully integrated, and use self-publishing, social media, traditional media, as well as hard-core thought leadership to lever open exposure opportunities for our clients.

It was a group effort. I want to give a shout out to my people at Gregory FCA, including Mike Lizun, who conceived the idea months ago; Rich Levin, who rushed the launch of our blog to promote the study; Janelle Kozyra, who did the background posting (I write them, but she posts them!); Brian McDermott, who ran the Nielsen reports and gave me his conclusions; and Jackie Zima, who did the media outreach for the blog post.

Thanks guys. Hey, we made Forbes!

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