Gregory FCA announces special guest speakers for investor relations social media webinar

November 1, 2012

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President

Well, the news is out. Laura Paugh, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Marriott, and colleague, Thomas Marder, VP-Managing, Corporate Relations, will be guest speakers at our upcoming webinar, “The Socialization of IR: How to Drive Shareholder Value Through Social Media.”

The Marriott blogging story begins with a company that has developed one of the world’s best known and most respected brands. Mr. J.W. Marriott, who has seen it all during some 50 years at the Company’s helm, recognized that the world was changing. In keeping with the pioneering spirit that made Marriott a leader in the hospitality industry, Mr. Marriott started a blog in 2007, effectively establishing Marriott’s social media presence.

Laura Paugh, Senior Vice President
of Investor Relations for Marriott

For Tom, this meant newfound responsibilities to help Mr. Marriott produce the blog, working with Laura and others to focus on the most timely and interesting topics. Both Laura and Tom work to assure the blog does not run afoul of Regulation FD. It’s not as if they aren’t already monitoring a never-ending tsunami of information on the company, industry, competitors, and legislation that could have a bearing on Marriott’s valuation.

But how can the Chairman’s blog suddenly become another IRO responsibility? The answer: Technically any blog is an IR blog, since analysts use every bit of information they can find to update and revise their “mosaic” of the company — especially when the information comes from the Chairman.

Working collaboratively, Laura and Tom have embraced the blog as a communications channel that is filling an important role in both the public relations and investor relations programs.

Thomas Marder,
VP-Managing, Corporate Relations for Marriott

Marriott uses the blog strategically to provide information to the market that is not material — therefore not rising to the point that the information must be widely disseminated in a press release — but is clearly useful to those that follow the company. Occassionally, the company uses the blog in conjunction with a press release. The blog is particularly useful in disclosing information very quickly or where a more personal or compassionate voice is appropriate.

In our webinar, Tom and Laura will further explain Marriott’s blogging experience, and illustrate how the information flowing across their blog has a positive influence on the investment process through the infamous mosaic theory, improves the company’s overall image, and drives revenues to the hotels.

We thank both Tom and Laura for joining us for this important session, and we look forward to seeing all of you there. Spots are going quickly, so please sign up now to claim your seat. Remember, one lucky participant will be selected at the end of the webinar to win a $250 Amazon gift card.


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