Google plans to overhaul search. So what?

March 16, 2012
ComputerWorld article on Google

GOOGLE THIS: Search algorithm to change, search marketers panic


Today’s topic on GThink: “Google Plans to Overhaul Search,” covered by Computerworld.

Abstract: Google is making changes to its search engine algorithm by giving the engines a better understanding of the words used in queries. By using a free database of information (aptly called Freebase) on people, places, and things, Google’s search engines will have a better understanding of more search terms, and thus, deliver more accurate results. The issue at hand is whether these changes will result in SEO that focuses more on actual human questions, rather than the traditional model of keyword matches.

The takeaway: This is not an overhaul of search. If you’re Google, this is probably the next obvious enhancement if your fundamental baseline goal is to help users find the highest quality content as a result of their query. You’ll hear a lot of grousing from SEO people who are more about the mechanics of search, rather than the quality of content. Fundamentally, if you do nothing around SEO but focus on producing the highest quality content that your audience would want to read and will benefit from, you will outperform the greatest SEO magicians. No matter how Google’s algorithm changes, you will be immune to those changes. Just ask the people who were unaffected by the Panda update.

That’s what G thinks. What do you think?

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