Day 1 Dispatch from CES: The Tastiest CES Yet

January 7, 2015

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager

Before this year’s CES in Las Vegas, a few colleagues and I were discussing some of the products and trends we were looking forward to seeing at the show, and one industry niche kept coming up — food tech. And, wow, day one certainly did not disappoint.

Forget connected refrigerators — we’ve entered the era in which appliances and robots can think, talk, and cook for you, all with a simple command. Being a techie has never been so delicious. From coffee, to alcohol, to flatbreads, and more, it’s all here, and many of these innovations will be in your kitchen before you know it.

Here are some of my personal food tech highlights:

Brewing made easy? With Pico Brew it is:
just hit go.

Get your beer here — right at home: As an amateur home brewer, I couldn’t have geeked out any harder over Pico Brew— the world’s first and only automatic all-grain brewing system. Beer enthusiasts know all-grain brewing is an intensive, meticulous process, but with the Pico Brew you can just press go, and be on with your day. It does everything! Founders and brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell, a former Microsoft VP and food scientist, respectively, wanted a simple solution to the frustrations of home brewing — and boy did they create one. And of course, it makes delicious beer (not that I tried a sample, or two).

Throw away your grill brush: I can’t mention food tech without lauding one of our own clients, who we’re supporting at CES: Grillbots. You may have seen us cover the Grillbot last year on our blog, but it’s just too cool not to do again. This year, it’s even better thanks to some beefed up brains and better scrubbers. This little robot cleans your grill for you – hit go and walk away, because it does the hard work. As the world’s only automated grill-cleaning robot, the Grillbot makes a great gift for your favorite backyard griller. I love standing by the Grillbot booth and watching the smiles as people see it in action.

Grillbots: the robot that cleans your grill.

Campers, now you can be plugged in: As an avid camper, I loved the product suite from BioLite, the camping stove that turns heat into energy. By the campfire and need to charge your phone? Well you better have a BioLite stove.

The next time I go camping, I’m bringing BioLite.
I had a few roti from the Rotimaker,
my favorite food innovation at CES.

3D printing your food? Of course: Everyone has been talking about the 3D food printer from XYZ Printing but seeing the thing in action made me weary of trying anything it popped out. For me, the only machine-made food I enjoyed yesterday was from another crowd pleaser — the Rotimatic. That’s right, Rotimatic is an automatic roti (a type of Indian flatbread) maker. Think Easy-Bake Oven of the future. With only three simple inputs of flour, oil, and water, you simply turn the Rotimatic on and watch it measure out, knead, and bake truly delicious flatbreads in less than a minute. I think I ate five of these delicious treats. And it wasn’t just me who was impressed — Rotimatic launched pre-sales on day one of CES, and sold out in hours. Watch out for these guys. I see big things on the horizon.

As the show continues, we’ll be bringing more of the best, brightest, coolest, and most tasty new technologies from International CES 2015.

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