CES 2015: The future really is now

January 12, 2015
humanoid robot

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager

Every year at CES, I come across new products that make me think they were sent from the future. But something about the technology displayed at CES 2015 stood out in ways that it hasn’t in the past.

And a few products in particular really gave me that sense of time travel.

Here they are, the most futuristic tech gadgets I saw on display at CES.

Curved OLED phones
Two phones at CES 2015 stood above the competition, and — big surprise — they both feature curved OLED screens.

The Note Edge.

While critics are crowning the LG Flex 2 the superior mobile device, I found Samsung’s Note Edge much more fun to play with. With its AMOLED 160-pixel screen, the Note Edge’s display literally bends around the edge of the phone — clever name, right?

I know the Note Edge hit the market last November, but holding, touching, and using this device made me feel like I was in the age of “Minority Report” (my personal standard of next-gen tech) more than any other product. Amazingly, both phones are priced under $800, so I expect to see them on the street sooner rather than later.

Robot humanoids
There was only one, but everyone at CES was talking about it: Toshiba’s humanoid robot ChihiraAico.

Toshiba developed ChihiraAico to help foster better communication between humans and non-humans alike. This could explain why the robot talks, sings, and even cries. Did I already mention “Minority Report”? How about “Bladerunner”? And while I unfortunately didn’t get to see ChihiraAico sing or cry, I can attest that she sure looks human, and for the most part, seems human too.

Toshiba’s ChihiraAico had everyone at CES
thinking about the future.

Keyboards you can run through the dishwasher
While robots and futuristic phones are getting a ton of accolades at CES, there are so many other cool products that are worthy of mentioning. One product set that caught my eye was the Seal Shield suite of waterproof keyboards.

We saw Seal Shield in action,
and the results were impressive.

If you’re someone who has ever spilled coffee or water on your keyboard, then you know how I feel, and why I’m still thinking about Seal Shield. Watching the Seal Shield booth team dunk their products in water and then pop them in a dishwasher was as mind-boggling as it was cool. Washable electronics – welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen.

A famed oldie with a major update
I remember leaving for college, thinking it would be a great idea to pick up extra external computer memory from our local Circuit City (insert joke here). At the time, I bought a state-of-the-art 512 MB USB flash drive from SanDisk that was reasonably priced (around $100). Flash forward to 2015, and I could get almost 30 of those flash drives for the same price.

But it doesn’t stop there. At CES 2015, SanDisk showed off its 512 GB SD card. I’ll repeat that, a 512 GB SD card — a must-have when filming with your 4K camera drone. After fitting that huge amount of storage into something so small, it’s no wonder SanDisk was nominated for a coveted Innovation Award at CES.

It seems the future is here: Goodbye 2015, and hello 2115.

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