Of all the news flowing from CES this week, the biggest story to date is the onstage meltdown of movie director Michael Bay during a Samsung press conference introducing its new line of gorgeous, curved TVs. Bay got lost in the teleprompter, flubbed his lines, and then slunk from the stage to smirks from the […]

It’s an annual thing over here at Gregory FCA to pull the combined wisdom of our 50 PR professionals to peer into the future and determine what factors will drive the industry in the New Year. And so, here, as we have done for the past five years, are our educated best guesses of what […]

For Immediate Laughter

December 30, 2013

Each year, we look back in search of epic PR triumphs and failures as part of an endless quest to learn more about the art of our craft. 2013 provides a long list of PR winners and losers. This year’s Gregory Awards go to: The Jerk who Twerked. Logic would have it that a half-naked […]

CONTENT IS KING: For financial services companies, the need for quality content has never been greater. Originally published on www.FinancialServicesMarketing.com Content is king. But it’s also killer. That message was heard loud and clear last week, when I presented at The Future of Financial Services Communications: Case Studies and Round Tables. Afterward in a series […]

Something about it just didn’t ring true. Charlie Rose’s hyperbolic promos for “60 Minutes” during CBS’ NFL game. Jeff Bezos’ boyish grin as he seemingly entices Charlie to peer into the future. Amazon’s hastily staged, so-called R&D room, and a clumsily produced animated video that failed to convince. But in the end, this week’s “60 […]

The guy I just media trained is among the smartest people I have ever met. A Harvard-trained physician who is brilliant, and understands medicine and biology at the molecular level. Yet, when it comes to telling his story — simply and succinctly, he struggles. His challenge is his own intelligence. He knows all the facts […]

For Immediate Laughter

October 25, 2013

We recently blogged about how there isn’t one standard method of measurement of success in public relations. As a result, PR pros have continually used various tools and metrics to quantifiably measure their success. But it’s not always just about the numbers. In fact, some of the most important PR victories are qualitative, not quantitative. […]

We help our clients tell their story across multiple communications channels. But not everyone has a compelling, interesting, and newsworthy story to tell. Or do they The fact is, in newsrooms across America, editors are imploring their reporters to FIND the story. That means even if a story is not apparent, they need to dig […]