BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: In the Ray Rice case, it was video that rejuvenated the story What’s news? As every journalism student knows, it’s got to be timely, local, significant, celebrity-driven, or human-interest focused. Well, all that and more is now trumped by one additional qualification: video. If the recent Ray Rice case taught us […]

The new age of PR integration

September 16, 2014

I am excited. My heart is racing; palms sweating. I just hung up with an incredible prospective client that’s growing like mad. Added 30 people last month alone; sells big deals to major corporate players. Has 10 highly respected subject matter experts on staff, and holds a unique and distinct competitive advantage. And they are […]

SPIRAL OF SILENCE: Pew found that social media users are becoming more hesitant to share beliefs online.   If you are a big follower of social media, as I am, you would think that digital pathways provide an enormous opportunity for citizens to engage in public dialogue on policy, politics, and religion. But a new […]

We call them the incendiary media, those tech publications that might not have the name cache of a Wall Street Journal or Wired magazine, but bring with them the ability to stoke national interest in a technology — be it a consumer gadget or an enterprise solution. They tend to be read by the real […]

Perhaps it’s something in the water, or maybe universities are just doing a better job of preparing graduates for the world of public relations, but our Junior Associate class of summer 2014 is turning out to be the strongest we’ve ever hosted here at Gregory FCA. Each summer, we bring in eight to 12 Junior […]

Perhaps my biggest joy of being in public relations is that every day, I am fortunate to work with a different business that views the world in a unique light and can offer new insights and learnings that I can use to grow as a professional. And then, there are the others. Companies locked in […]

My fascination with Edward Snowden has regrettably brought me no closer to any conclusions on whether this NSA leaker is a patriot or a parasite. In an earlier blog post, I reviewed both Glenn Greenwald and Luke Harding’s books about Snowden and shared some of the troubling inconsistencies in Snowden’s story and the storytelling contained […]

Outside of its people, an enterprise’s most valuable asset is frequently its reputation. Organizations go to great lengths to build a brand that will effectively communicate their value to clients, employees, prospects, investors, and an organization’s other, key constituents. Why, then, do these very same organizations fail to comprehend, plan, or execute effective practices that […]

We’re a little early this year. But with the long, grueling winter, we thought it might be appropriate to offer our summer reading list a bit earlier — the week after Memorial Day. Here’s what we see should top the list of any PR pro’s beach reading this summer: Flash Boys. Concerned that Michael Lewis’ […]

This post was written by Stephen Vujevich, Social Media Account Executive As rumors swirl about the future of Google+, the misguided product linking platform with a social spin, it’s tough to sort through the clutter and focus on the important questions that could affect how many businesses manage their social media efforts.  What will happen […]