I died, see page 56

May 17, 2016

That’s a real grabber, no? It was the best headline I ever read. A teaser for a first-person account from a guy whose heart had stopped while out hiking, and was then resuscitated on the side of a mountain. It claimed my attention, compelled me to read on, and has ever since served as a […]

I make my living as a publicist in a profession with well-written rules. We represent our clients’ best interests to the media, and make that fact abundantly clear. My name goes on every news release I write. I introduce myself as the public relations source on phone calls. I tip my hand generously to let […]

Is blogging dead? With so much content being created by so many, do blogs still play a role in corporate communications? We know they do, and not just a role; they often play a pivotal role in projecting corporate narratives into the marketplace. Call it the blogative, the multi-purpose ability of blogs to build brand, […]

At this point, you gotta wonder if Penn State is doing it on purpose: killing itself with inflammatory, off-mark communications that only add gasoline to the long-simmering Sandusky fire. This time it happens after last week’s media reporting of court documents alleging that an early Sandusky victim had told Coach Joe Paterno about the abuse […]

A couple of months ago, my colleague Mike Lizun announced the end of one of the most overused concepts in all of PR, news jacking. For the outsider, news jacking is nothing more than a PR person who does their job, follows the news, and then injects a client into trending stories by working their […]

Want a contrarian view of the world? One built on data instead of dogma? Analytics over opinion? Then you have to regularly read FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s online ESPN property that covers a huge litany of contemporary topics and issues. The former New York Times property made an early name for itself as a political analyst […]

If I watch another canned, hamstrung debate of practiced talking points and blathering talking heads, I am quitting this country. No Hillary. People don’t talk like that. They don’t act like some Shakespearean actor delivering a line for the ages. And Ted Cruz, you talk like a bad pharmaceutical commercial, all practiced and FDA-compliant. Whether […]

Word-driven videos promise to transform public relations with the same effectiveness of the 140-character Tweet. You might not know what wideos are, but you have certainly seen them, and probably sat through dozens on social feeds. Wideos are short, fact-driven videos that use oversized captions to move a story forward with little regard for audio. […]

Some 1.5 million people were expected to converge on Philadelphia last month when Pope Francis made a visit to our fair city. According to some crowd security experts, the real turnout could have been as low as 140,000. The City, which had hoped to gain a bounce in image and reputation from the visit, was […]

This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President Last week, Gregory FCA brought together four top journalists to dig into the power of data for storytelling. They spoke about how reporters transform raw information into graphics and stories and the best ways companies can fuel those stories – or create their own. Gregory […]