With one week to go, everyone at Gregory FCA is excited about the national media panel that’s coming to Philadelphia to share with us The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media. In the last two weeks, I’ve received a lot of requests for more information about who will […]

A panel comprised of reporters, writers, editors, social media directors, and a nationally recognized professor from Columbia University are coming to Philadelphia, as part of a panel discussion designed to shed new light on the news business, storytelling, and social media in the digital age. The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of […]

The Tiger Woods sentiment analysis we conducted struck a real chord with the media. Kurt Badenhausen at Forbes covered it, and it led to a ton of inquires from others who wanted the research. I also got a call from a major sports agent who wanted to see if we could do a similar analysis […]

The great PR debate rages on whether Tiger Woods’ strategy for reclaiming his reputation worked, and whether the mea culpa performance last Friday helped or harmed his future. But hey, the proof is in the pudding. You can debate whether Tiger was wooden or sincere, and if his attempted manipulation hindered or helped. But an […]