This post was written by Oliver Pitcher, Editor-In-Chief Why is it, with thousands of press releases being issued every day, that all product press releases all seem to sound the same? I realize there is a certain expected formula to be followed — headline, dateline, lead (or is it lede?), quote, boilerplate, contact info, and […]

For the past week, I have been returning to the recently published Pew Research Center study on political polarization and the media in an attempt to understand its conclusions clear of third-party media filters. To me, much of the reporting simply doesn’t jibe with what the report itself conveys. In general, the media hailed the Pew […]

GOTCHA: Stewart backpedaled and pulled the part of the segment. I hate ‘gotcha’ videos. Sure, they make for great TV, but I hate to think that someone’s entire life could be framed by unplanned comments made in the glare of a TV light, especially when the subject is misled about the use, purpose, and format […]

JOHN OLIVER: Oliver has created a new form of comedy. Oh, he’s funny. Really funny. A Brit who’s now being credited (wrongly) with resuscitating long-form journalism here in the U.S. and along the way creating a new form of comedy. I love his show, and laugh at it. I also disagree with a growing number […]

STRANGE NEWS: Major Mariam al-Mansouri comes from the UAE, where women are routinely discriminated against. Last week’s news that a female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirates had led an airstrike on ISIS strongholds inside Syria struck me as odd. Especially since The UAE isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for women’s equality. I […]

BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: In the Ray Rice case, it was video that rejuvenated the story What’s news? As every journalism student knows, it’s got to be timely, local, significant, celebrity-driven, or human-interest focused. Well, all that and more is now trumped by one additional qualification: video. If the recent Ray Rice case taught us […]

SPIRAL OF SILENCE: Pew found that social media users are becoming more hesitant to share beliefs online.   If you are a big follower of social media, as I am, you would think that digital pathways provide an enormous opportunity for citizens to engage in public dialogue on policy, politics, and religion. But a new […]

Will an appearance on CNBC, FOX Business, or other business TV networks spike a stock price or drive demand for a product? Probably not. But if leveraged properly, it can be worth its weight in gold. Last year, we secured scores and scores of appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV for our clients. […]

If it bleeds, it leads

August 11, 2014

The old newspaper adage has more to do with us than with journalism. At least that’s one conclusion from Abundance: The Future is  Better than You Think. The 2012 book by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kolter. Diamandis is an engineer, physician, entrepreneur, and founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation. I had been meaning […]

We call them the incendiary media, those tech publications that might not have the name cache of a Wall Street Journal or Wired magazine, but bring with them the ability to stoke national interest in a technology — be it a consumer gadget or an enterprise solution. They tend to be read by the real […]