Mr. Zuckerberg had me fooled. I really believed him when he railed about Facebook being an open community that gives everyone a voice. Everyone, that is, who agrees with a liberal, left-coast bias. Seems Facebook isn’t nearly as smart as Mr. Zuckerberg led everyone to believe. What with its automated algorithms and its artificial intelligence’s […]

I make my living as a publicist in a profession with well-written rules. We represent our clients’ best interests to the media, and make that fact abundantly clear. My name goes on every news release I write. I introduce myself as the public relations source on phone calls. I tip my hand generously to let […]

It’s bad. Really bad. Written with made-up words, rambling for pages, and using language that could win The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for wretched writing. I suffered through Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone secret interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo to understand how the magazine could allow a celebrity to take on the complicated issue of […]

Over the holidays, I was rudely interrupted when my cell phone flashed a report naming Peyton Manning as a doper by Al Jazeera America, the Arab-backed news network. I have been a long-time student of Al Jazeera America, studying it to learn how the Arab network tries to shape US opinion. At times, I have seen […]

How ridiculous: Last week’s viral blurb urging us all to unfriend our Facebook friends who Like Donald Trump. It came courtesy of the link Go to it and automatically, you discover Facebook friends who Like The Donald, and urges you then to unfriend these people. But before you go unfriending me or anyone else, […]

So it happened again. Some psychopath goes on a killing spree, and the media is quick to report that no one saw it coming and that he or she was just a regular guy or gal. It’s a narrative set early and often. Yet, it’s usually dead wrong. Just about every in-depth study of the […]

As of this morning, the much-maligned assistant professor of mass media from the University of Missouri Melissa Click still has a job. She shouldn’t. She should have been fired, and made an example of for failing to understand the most treasured and principled ethic of journalism: Access breeds truth, and the world is best-served by […]

Want a contrarian view of the world? One built on data instead of dogma? Analytics over opinion? Then you have to regularly read FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s online ESPN property that covers a huge litany of contemporary topics and issues. The former New York Times property made an early name for itself as a political analyst […]

If you want to know everything that’s wrong with American pop culture and the media, read this ESPN article. It’s about Lamar Odom, and gives the details about his personal struggles and fall from grace. It cuts a sympathetic view of Odom, and plays his character as a victim to life’s losses and indignation, such […]

Word-driven videos promise to transform public relations with the same effectiveness of the 140-character Tweet. You might not know what wideos are, but you have certainly seen them, and probably sat through dozens on social feeds. Wideos are short, fact-driven videos that use oversized captions to move a story forward with little regard for audio. […]