This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager The coolest technology at this year’s CES is a device first envisioned by Philo Farnsworth in 1920. TVs are dominating Central Hall at CES with major manufacturers debuting a host of new designs and functionality. Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, and Panasonic are all here, showing […]

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager CES doesn’t just showcase the current status of consumer electronics in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it also serves as a crash course on promotions and publicity, hype and hyperbole. For the past 10 years, Gregory FCA has sent a contingent of […]

Go negative, go early, and set the agenda from the outset When it comes to communications, I check my politics at the door and instead just enjoy the delicious, vicious game of American politics. If you want to win in the blood sport of American political PR — an arena I never desire to enter […]

A great deal of what I know about PR, I learned from Auntie Anne. The pretzel queen. A former Amish woman turned entrepreneur, who, in the 1990s retained my firm to promote her burgeoning franchise empire of hand-rolled soft pretzel stores. It wasn’t an easy assignment, convincing someone who had been taught all of their […]

Wow! What a difference four years make. Back then, Sarah Palin was mocked for her “Drill, baby, drill” pro energy development slogan. Last night, we watched as Mitt Romney and President Obama fell over each other to paint themselves as strong advocates of domestic energy development. Romney includes North American energy independence as a cornerstone […]

Seven years ago, I had the great fortune of preparing a gifted public speaker for a series of national TV appearances we had lined up for him. The client spent each week of his life speaking before live audiences of 400 and 500 paying attendees. And he never failed to deliver, always captivating audiences before […]

Just over a month ago, on Aug. 23, 2012, Lance Armstrong capitulated. He announced that he would no longer fight the USADA’s charges that he had been doping and taking steroids during his peak riding days. At first, it was shocking, and the day of the announcement, conventional wisdom was that Lance’s reputation was shot, […]

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President “We protect our reputations by doing the right thing, not by hiding our failings. Indeed, even amid discovery of error and wrongdoing, reputations are enhanced by acknowledging, dealing with them immediately and directly, and working to minimize their recurrence.” — Edward Queen, Director of the D. […]

BLUNDER: CNN stands corrected How could one of the world’s most important news sources get it wrong? This morning, no doubt many Americans were huddled around their TVs watching as CNN mistakenly reported that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate, essentially gutting recently enacted health care reform. A producer’s error had […]

ENERGIZED: We power up the first meeting of the DVMA Three years ago, I realized that the world was about to change and the epicenter for that change would soon occur in a place near and dear to my heart. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I became enamored by early stories of vast reserves of clean-burning […]