ON TOP: Facebook is sitting pretty amid its recent stock surge When I am right, I am right, and it happens so infrequently that I have to squeeze every ounce of self-congratulatory juice from the call. Last May on the eve of Facebook’s IPO, I wrote a blog post explaining that Facebook’s future looked so bright, […]

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services The headlines were littered last week with news about new faces diving headlong into the publishing business. First, we heard that Boston Red Sox owner and hedge fund magnate John Henry was buying a controlling stake in The Boston Globe. Then, Amazon founder Jeff […]

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President One of our clients shared with us two new social media studies released in June by the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and Corbin Perception Group. NIRI examined the use of social media by corporate investor relations officers (IROs), while Corbin looked at social media […]

This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President There was a time, not that long ago, that Philadelphia was only known for its cheesesteaks, infamous sports fans, and the city’s mark on early American history. But an amazing transformation is occurring throughout the region. Whereas Philadelphia-based companies once had to look elsewhere for […]

Talk about thin-skinned journalists. This week’s flame up between the Obama White House and Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward stands as a stark example of how hypersensitive the press can be when pushed back hard. Woodward contends and a White House aide confirms that Woodward and the White House engaged in a 30-minute shouting match […]

So God Made a Publicist

February 9, 2013

The question of cred and TED

February 7, 2013

At first, they served as mind-blowing studies into the human condition and the direction of everything from education to energy, world affairs to space travel. Today, TED Talks, the highly popular series of spoken word presentations, sound more like simple pitches from entrepreneurs eager to fund their wind farms, organic lines of pickles, or to […]

Why “Duck Dynasty” soars

January 28, 2013

And why American TV needs more shows about the intrinsic value of family It’s funny how families have quietly worked their way back into American media and entertainment, even as Hollywood does its best to block their re-entry. The back door is a new breed of reality blue-collar TV that’s providing a last bastion for […]

In human terms, a documentary maker undoes Oscar-nominated “Gasland” These are the people I know here in Pennsylvania: The small farmers scratching out existences on family farms in counties throughout the Commonwealth. The faces I pass on the way to my cabin on Penn’s Creek in Central PA, and that I see at the county […]

As Jim Morrison sang, this is the end. The last post I will ever write about Lance Armstrong, the fallen hero of mine. Almost two years ago, I wrote a post offering my suggestions for how Armstrong could preserve his reputation and avoid the train wreck played out last night in Oprah’s confessional. It was […]