JOHN OLIVER: Oliver has created a new form of comedy. Oh, he’s funny. Really funny. A Brit who’s now being credited (wrongly) with resuscitating long-form journalism here in the U.S. and along the way creating a new form of comedy. I love his show, and laugh at it. I also disagree with a growing number […]

BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: In the Ray Rice case, it was video that rejuvenated the story What’s news? As every journalism student knows, it’s got to be timely, local, significant, celebrity-driven, or human-interest focused. Well, all that and more is now trumped by one additional qualification: video. If the recent Ray Rice case taught us […]

SPIRAL OF SILENCE: Pew found that social media users are becoming more hesitant to share beliefs online.   If you are a big follower of social media, as I am, you would think that digital pathways provide an enormous opportunity for citizens to engage in public dialogue on policy, politics, and religion. But a new […]

Could Mark Cuban be right? Could the NFL being sowing the seeds of its own destruction? Seems highly implausible. As the most profitable sports league in the world with $1 billion of profit, it’s hard to believe anything can derail this American institution. Cuban, though, contends that the NFL’s own greed and its drive to […]

COMPUTERS: Are they becoming more like humans? I have been working a lot lately in some pretty funky technologies — quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other stuff I don’t fully understand, but somehow manage to write about and promote. One of my most brilliant clients, Stephen DeAngelis at Enterra Solutions recently wrote a […]

My fascination with Edward Snowden has regrettably brought me no closer to any conclusions on whether this NSA leaker is a patriot or a parasite. In an earlier blog post, I reviewed both Glenn Greenwald and Luke Harding’s books about Snowden and shared some of the troubling inconsistencies in Snowden’s story and the storytelling contained […]

This post was written by Stephen Vujevich, Social Media Account Executive As rumors swirl about the future of Google+, the misguided product linking platform with a social spin, it’s tough to sort through the clutter and focus on the important questions that could affect how many businesses manage their social media efforts.  What will happen […]

So there I was, enjoying a brilliant spring weekend, when Facebook interrupts my feel-good with an onslaught of posts from friends, acquaintances, and colleagues all touting their monumental athletic accomplishment. Here in Philly, where health food is a hoagie with lettuce and tomato and laying on the sofa watching the Eagles is our version of […]

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services This post was originally published on Financial Services Marketing. LinkedIn, for some, is an extension of their professional referral network. A study to be released by Smarsh in May 2014 found that LinkedIn is the digital channel most requested by employees at financial firms. […]

Crimea river

April 15, 2014

CONTINUOUS NEWS CYCLE: CNN has been running nonstop coverage of the ill-fated flight I get it. I really do. CNN sees an advantage and they’re squeezing it for all its worth. Ratings are up now that the venerable all-news station has decided to change its format to the all Malaysian Air Disaster news channel. But their […]