It’s sad commentary that so much of my life has been defined by CNN, war, and Wolf Blitzer. Dating back to 1990 with the birth of my first daughter, I spent 3 a.m. feedings warming apple juice and watching the Gulf War, the first Gulf War, the one before the other Mideast wars, unfold. Wolf […]

Jaime Kenworthy stacks apples in the final round of “Minute to Win It.” A hallmark of Gregory FCA has always been our holiday party. A year to plan, it celebrates the 12 months of hard work and perseverance our people commit to our clients nationwide. And each year, it parodies something from the media. Two […]

I get pumped each year at this time, when I sit down with the top minds at Gregory FCA to review the past 12 months and set goals and objectives for the upcoming year. This year, 14 of us met with an outside facilitator to assess our strengths and weaknesses, and identify the key objectives […]

Many of you attended our national media panel in April, “The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media.” We’ve provided you several resources as an outgrowth to it, including the podcast, video, and transcript from the event. Now the last piece has fallen in place. We’ve published the complete […]

I am a self-confessed news junkie. A guy whose favorite day in eighth-grade social studies was current events. Even earlier, at age 12, I wrote a letter to “60 Minutes.” So incensed was I over some long-forgotten story. With the Internet, the access and obsession have grown that much stronger. What was once a daily […]

We’ve been receiving a steady stream of great comments lately on our blog. I love hearing your insights, feedback, and contributions to the conversations we have here. I wanted to respond to some the most recent comments you’ve shared with us. RE: Each person who commented on The hottest new job in public relations: chief […]

So it came. Friday, just as promised. The very day the new 3G iPad became available, it appeared at my office, ready to be loved and adored. A couple of staff members gathered around, grunting and groaning in excitement as it lit up … like Neanderthals first viewing fire. Sure, it’s elegant. And yes, for […]

We’ve been rolling out coverage from our recent national media panel, “The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media.” I’ve shared with you my feedback and reactions to the conversations and insights, and the podcast of the entire discussion. Please feel free to share it with colleagues and friends.   […]

As promised, here is the podcast from Gregory FCA’s national media panel round table, The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media. This is the complete audio from the panel discussion, which brought together top reporters, writers, editors, and managers from around the country to talk about how social […]

Panelist Sree Sreenivasen kicking off the discussion This weekend I had the opportunity to take some time and process the findings from our recent national media panel round table that Gregory FCA brought to Philadelphia to help gain national perspective on The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media. […]