Outside of its people, an enterprise’s most valuable asset is frequently its reputation. Organizations go to great lengths to build a brand that will effectively communicate their value to clients, employees, prospects, investors, and an organization’s other, key constituents. Why, then, do these very same organizations fail to comprehend, plan, or execute effective practices that […]

We’re a little early this year. But with the long, grueling winter, we thought it might be appropriate to offer our summer reading list a bit earlier — the week after Memorial Day. Here’s what we see should top the list of any PR pro’s beach reading this summer: Flash Boys. Concerned that Michael Lewis’ […]

PR 101: The first step to a successful partnership with your PR firm is showing appreciation and respect. Say please and thank you. Recognize good work. Build a relationship with the account services team. Don’t be a jerk. Sounds simple doesn’t it? In a world where everyone is squeezing to get every drip of juice […]

Word couldn’t have come at a better time! During a major sales presentation, all eight of our cell phones lit up with the news. Ragan’s PR Daily awards Gregory FCA two big wins in its best of PR competition for 2013. And the categories couldn’t be more illustrative of our market position as a top […]

One of our biggest promotional efforts over the past few months has been developing a new e-book, titled “A Powerful Pairing: Connecting Content Marketing and Syndication for Enterprise IT Thought Leadership.” When one of our people read it, he said it would make for great summer reading. Whether he was being truthful or just fawning […]

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services Over the last 10 years, Gregory FCA has had the privilege of working with more than 100 different registered investment advisory (RIA) firms to leverage their expertise and content to increase the effectiveness of their business development efforts. Nearly every single one of these […]

I could lie and say everyone at Gregory FCA is humbled to have been named a finalist in five categories in Ragan’s annual PR Daily Awards competition. But hey, we’re publicists so we’re never so coy. We are, however, gratified that so much hard work and effort has been recognized by our industry’s top trade […]

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager Back on March 18, we began our search for the country’s best unknown business, calling on companies to tell us why their business deserves wider recognition. For the winner, we’re offering $10,000 cash and a $40,000 public relations campaign. In response, we’ve received dozens of […]

“Everything I know about management I have learned from reality TV and sports.” And so began my portion of a conversation with a management class at Ursinus College in suburban Philadelphia. Fortunately, I was in some pretty rarified company with a C-level executive from a major consumer products company to my right, an executive from […]

As the daffodils blossom and the Penn Relays near, it’s once again time to share with the thousands of graduating public relations and communications majors how one leading Philadelphia public relations firm adds junior members to its staff each year. So here’s our best advice. Engage with us early and often. The truth is, we […]