Mr. Zuckerberg had me fooled. I really believed him when he railed about Facebook being an open community that gives everyone a voice. Everyone, that is, who agrees with a liberal, left-coast bias. Seems Facebook isn’t nearly as smart as Mr. Zuckerberg led everyone to believe. What with its automated algorithms and its artificial intelligence’s […]

I make my living as a publicist in a profession with well-written rules. We represent our clients’ best interests to the media, and make that fact abundantly clear. My name goes on every news release I write. I introduce myself as the public relations source on phone calls. I tip my hand generously to let […]

At this point, you gotta wonder if Penn State is doing it on purpose: killing itself with inflammatory, off-mark communications that only add gasoline to the long-simmering Sandusky fire. This time it happens after last week’s media reporting of court documents alleging that an early Sandusky victim had told Coach Joe Paterno about the abuse […]

The news last week that the Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister properties, the Philadelphia Daily News and, would in essence become a non-profit set off a national debate as to whether this new corporate structure is a panacea for all that ails the chronically ill newspaper industry. The transformation was made possible by the […]

If you want to know everything that’s wrong with American pop culture and the media, read this ESPN article. It’s about Lamar Odom, and gives the details about his personal struggles and fall from grace. It cuts a sympathetic view of Odom, and plays his character as a victim to life’s losses and indignation, such […]

STRANGE NEWS: Major Mariam al-Mansouri comes from the UAE, where women are routinely discriminated against. Last week’s news that a female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirates had led an airstrike on ISIS strongholds inside Syria struck me as odd. Especially since The UAE isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for women’s equality. I […]

Crimea river

April 15, 2014

CONTINUOUS NEWS CYCLE: CNN has been running nonstop coverage of the ill-fated flight I get it. I really do. CNN sees an advantage and they’re squeezing it for all its worth. Ratings are up now that the venerable all-news station has decided to change its format to the all Malaysian Air Disaster news channel. But their […]

Imagine being the master of your universe: the CEO of a big-swinging biotech company with a soon-to-be FDA-approved drug, some $100 million of cash on the balance sheet, investors that include JP Morgan and The Regents of the University of California. So fortunate are you and so lifesaving your drug, that the Federal Government extends […]

RT: The Russian network has taken a page from the book of televised American News. Often, the hardest lesson to learn for PR practitioners and patients alike is the need to balance an argument in order to insidiously strengthen your own case. I was reminded of that fact recently while watching RT, the English-language Russian state […]

OLYMPIC TRADITION: Criticize what’s important and set aside pettiness, please. I have loved the Winter Olympics ever since I watched Franz Klammer defy fear and gravity to win the downhill gold at the 1976 Innsbruck Games. So I have to tell you: I have had enough with the open warfare taking place online and in […]