Before you start unfriending friends who Like Donald Trump, better understand how many of us use Facebook

December 14, 2015
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How ridiculous: Last week’s viral blurb urging us all to unfriend our Facebook friends who Like Donald Trump. It came courtesy of the link Go to it and automatically, you discover Facebook friends who Like The Donald, and urges you then to unfriend these people.

But before you go unfriending me or anyone else, consider, how many of us use Facebook. To us, it’s just a simple RSS feed to stay current with any number of opinions and viewpoints. We Like lots of things just to get news.

In fact, I know a Wall Street Journal reporter who Likes just about any and everything from Wyclef to Chris Stapleton, Sean Hannity to Rachel Maddow. In fact, it’s astounding how many times I see my reporter friend Daniel’s name pop up liking a familiar page.

I pity the fool who wants to make some political statement based on who I Like on Facebook. I follow everything from Al Jazeera to Evan Mathis, NowThis to PBS and Vox. And although I haven’t Liked Donald Trump (thank you media for already keeping me abreast of his every breath), I clicked on the unfriend Trump link and discovered that a number of my liberal media friends had Liked The Donald’s Facebook page. Blockheads are they? Not at all. Just like many of us, they are eager to stay current on any number of topics and annoyed at those who have trouble understanding that Liking someone or something on Facebook is far from swearing an oath of allegiance. Now if anyone could send me a button to un-Like any Facebook friends who Like Dave Matthews Band, that would be a real service!

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