Mr. Zuckerberg had me fooled. I really believed him when he railed about Facebook being an open community that gives everyone a voice. Everyone, that is, who agrees with a liberal, left-coast bias. Seems Facebook isn’t nearly as smart as Mr. Zuckerberg led everyone to believe. What with its automated algorithms and its artificial intelligence’s […]

I died, see page 56

May 17, 2016

That’s a real grabber, no? It was the best headline I ever read. A teaser for a first-person account from a guy whose heart had stopped while out hiking, and was then resuscitated on the side of a mountain. It claimed my attention, compelled me to read on, and has ever since served as a […]

I make my living as a publicist in a profession with well-written rules. We represent our clients’ best interests to the media, and make that fact abundantly clear. My name goes on every news release I write. I introduce myself as the public relations source on phone calls. I tip my hand generously to let […]

Is blogging dead? With so much content being created by so many, do blogs still play a role in corporate communications? We know they do, and not just a role; they often play a pivotal role in projecting corporate narratives into the marketplace. Call it the blogative, the multi-purpose ability of blogs to build brand, […]

At this point, you gotta wonder if Penn State is doing it on purpose: killing itself with inflammatory, off-mark communications that only add gasoline to the long-simmering Sandusky fire. This time it happens after last week’s media reporting of court documents alleging that an early Sandusky victim had told Coach Joe Paterno about the abuse […]

The news last week that the Philadelphia Inquirer and its sister properties, the Philadelphia Daily News and, would in essence become a non-profit set off a national debate as to whether this new corporate structure is a panacea for all that ails the chronically ill newspaper industry. The transformation was made possible by the […]

It’s bad. Really bad. Written with made-up words, rambling for pages, and using language that could win The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for wretched writing. I suffered through Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone secret interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo to understand how the magazine could allow a celebrity to take on the complicated issue of […]