Over the holidays, I was rudely interrupted when my cell phone flashed a report naming Peyton Manning as a doper by Al Jazeera America, the Arab-backed news network. I have been a long-time student of Al Jazeera America, studying it to learn how the Arab network tries to shape US opinion. At times, I have seen […]

How ridiculous: Last week’s viral blurb urging us all to unfriend our Facebook friends who Like Donald Trump. It came courtesy of the link friendswholiketrump.com. Go to it and automatically, you discover Facebook friends who Like The Donald, and urges you then to unfriend these people. But before you go unfriending me or anyone else, […]

So it happened again. Some psychopath goes on a killing spree, and the media is quick to report that no one saw it coming and that he or she was just a regular guy or gal. It’s a narrative set early and often. Yet, it’s usually dead wrong. Just about every in-depth study of the […]