STRANGE NEWS: Major Mariam al-Mansouri comes from the UAE, where women are routinely discriminated against. Last week’s news that a female fighter pilot from the United Arab Emirates had led an airstrike on ISIS strongholds inside Syria struck me as odd. Especially since The UAE isn’t exactly known as a hotbed for women’s equality. I […]

BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT: In the Ray Rice case, it was video that rejuvenated the story What’s news? As every journalism student knows, it’s got to be timely, local, significant, celebrity-driven, or human-interest focused. Well, all that and more is now trumped by one additional qualification: video. If the recent Ray Rice case taught us […]

The new age of PR integration

September 16, 2014

I am excited. My heart is racing; palms sweating. I just hung up with an incredible prospective client that’s growing like mad. Added 30 people last month alone; sells big deals to major corporate players. Has 10 highly respected subject matter experts on staff, and holds a unique and distinct competitive advantage. And they are […]

SPIRAL OF SILENCE: Pew found that social media users are becoming more hesitant to share beliefs online.   If you are a big follower of social media, as I am, you would think that digital pathways provide an enormous opportunity for citizens to engage in public dialogue on policy, politics, and religion. But a new […]