We’re a little early this year. But with the long, grueling winter, we thought it might be appropriate to offer our summer reading list a bit earlier — the week after Memorial Day. Here’s what we see should top the list of any PR pro’s beach reading this summer: Flash Boys. Concerned that Michael Lewis’ […]

This post was written by Stephen Vujevich, Social Media Account Executive As rumors swirl about the future of Google+, the misguided product linking platform with a social spin, it’s tough to sort through the clutter and focus on the important questions that could affect how many businesses manage their social media efforts.  What will happen […]

So there I was, enjoying a brilliant spring weekend, when Facebook interrupts my feel-good with an onslaught of posts from friends, acquaintances, and colleagues all touting their monumental athletic accomplishment. Here in Philly, where health food is a hoagie with lettuce and tomato and laying on the sofa watching the Eagles is our version of […]