PR 101: The first step to a successful partnership with your PR firm is showing appreciation and respect. Say please and thank you. Recognize good work. Build a relationship with the account services team. Don’t be a jerk. Sounds simple doesn’t it? In a world where everyone is squeezing to get every drip of juice […]

OLYMPIC TRADITION: Criticize what’s important and set aside pettiness, please. I have loved the Winter Olympics ever since I watched Franz Klammer defy fear and gravity to win the downhill gold at the 1976 Innsbruck Games. So I have to tell you: I have had enough with the open warfare taking place online and in […]

This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President There are countless online tools that public relations and marketing pros have at their disposals to help their organizations or clients rise to the top of the social media conversation. I detailed the ones I use the most last year on our blog. I’m always […]