“Everything I know about management I have learned from reality TV and sports.” And so began my portion of a conversation with a management class at Ursinus College in suburban Philadelphia. Fortunately, I was in some pretty rarified company with a C-level executive from a major consumer products company to my right, an executive from […]

This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President There was a time, not that long ago, that Philadelphia was only known for its cheesesteaks, infamous sports fans, and the city’s mark on early American history. But an amazing transformation is occurring throughout the region. Whereas Philadelphia-based companies once had to look elsewhere for […]

As the daffodils blossom and the Penn Relays near, it’s once again time to share with the thousands of graduating public relations and communications majors how one leading Philadelphia public relations firm adds junior members to its staff each year. So here’s our best advice. Engage with us early and often. The truth is, we […]

I have had an epiphany over the past six months. Narratives are dead. You know the kind. The scripts PR people are famous for preparing and then demanding our clients to stick to. The ones that come with messaging stacks and PowerPoint pyramids, along with three-day messaging sessions designed more to up the agency’s hourly […]

This post was written by Brian McDermott, Associate Vice President Are you struggling to measure your PR efforts? Well you’re not alone. Seems as if some of my PR colleagues are also slow to embrace the revolution now taking place in PR measurement. At last week’s Ragan Communications PR Measurement Summit in Washington, D.C., a […]

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services Years ago, when we first began working in the financial services industry, our clients came to us to help them achieve visibility in their markets. They wanted media coverage that would showcase their firm, enhancing their perceived credibility and visibility. Times have changed as […]