Why “Duck Dynasty” soars

January 28, 2013

And why American TV needs more shows about the intrinsic value of family It’s funny how families have quietly worked their way back into American media and entertainment, even as Hollywood does its best to block their re-entry. The back door is a new breed of reality blue-collar TV that’s providing a last bastion for […]

In human terms, a documentary maker undoes Oscar-nominated “Gasland” These are the people I know here in Pennsylvania: The small farmers scratching out existences on family farms in counties throughout the Commonwealth. The faces I pass on the way to my cabin on Penn’s Creek in Central PA, and that I see at the county […]

As Jim Morrison sang, this is the end. The last post I will ever write about Lance Armstrong, the fallen hero of mine. Almost two years ago, I wrote a post offering my suggestions for how Armstrong could preserve his reputation and avoid the train wreck played out last night in Oprah’s confessional. It was […]

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager The coolest technology at this year’s CES is a device first envisioned by Philo Farnsworth in 1920. TVs are dominating Central Hall at CES with major manufacturers debuting a host of new designs and functionality. Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, and Panasonic are all here, showing […]

This post was written by Jake Tulsky, Business Development Manager CES doesn’t just showcase the current status of consumer electronics in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, it also serves as a crash course on promotions and publicity, hype and hyperbole. For the past 10 years, Gregory FCA has sent a contingent of […]

I am blessed that over the years, I have worked with smart, bold entrepreneurs who, through their words and deeds, have taught me the real secrets of business, ones that are rarely shared. Over the holiday, I returned in my mind to some of their teachings, and thought 2013 would be a great time to […]

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services BREAKING OUT: RIAs will be taking content marketing to new levels in 2013 In the past decade spent working closely with registered investment advisory (RIA) firms around the country, I can’t think of a single advisor who thinks that 1 + 1 = 3. […]