2013: The breakout year for RIA firms as content marketers

January 2, 2013

This post was written by Joe Anthony, President of Financial Services

BREAKING OUT: RIAs will be taking
content marketing to new levels in 2013

In the past decade spent working closely with registered investment advisory (RIA) firms around the country, I can’t think of a single advisor who thinks that 1 + 1 = 3. However, as social media moves past the nascent stage within the financial services community, that sort of math can add up.

What started with curious early adopters has become a steady flow of RIAs that are seeing how the potency of traditional publicity surges when paired with the ability to share information and influence audiences via social networks.

The RIAs that have taken the plunge are seeing that putting the two together adds up to a better return on investment. And, for that reason, that is why we see 2013 shaping up to be the breakout year for RIA firms as content marketers.

According to a study done jointly between LinkedIn and FTI Consulting, more than 50 percent of advisors expect “social media to play a significant role in their marketing efforts in 2013,” while seven in 10 advisors report that they already use social media for business purposes. The reality is, many RIA firms have already put the powerful combination of PR and social media together in a potent content marketing package.

At the 2012 Schwab IMPACT Conference, held in November in Chicago, Glassman Wealth Services out of McLean, Va., was recognized with Schwab’s Pacesetter IMPACT Award. In the press release issued by Schwab, Glassman Wealth Services was cited for being “a pioneer in social media and a thought leader in the RIA industry” — a statement that in itself underscores how far the industry has come in terms of embracing the value of social media and thought leadership PR.

RIA firms operate in a relationships-and-trust business, where the concept of “refer-ability” can be influenced by a third-party view of your professional credibility. The impact of being featured in an esteemed publication like The Wall Street Journal, multiplied by the power of the advisor’s network, goes far beyond what RIA firms had at their disposal just five years ago.

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