It’s resume season! You would think the real resume season would begin in March, April, and May every year when college seniors suddenly realize that the real world begins with graduation. But for the past few years, it seems that graduating seniors now give themselves a few months to vacate and recreate after graduation before […]

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President “We protect our reputations by doing the right thing, not by hiding our failings. Indeed, even amid discovery of error and wrongdoing, reputations are enhanced by acknowledging, dealing with them immediately and directly, and working to minimize their recurrence.” — Edward Queen, Director of the D. […]

Crisis matters are without question the highest stakes public relations engagements. When a client is in crisis, it often means we’re embroiled in a bet-the-company situation, and many times there is an adversary on the other side of the issue actively fighting against us, such as an activist group, politicos trying to make a name […]

NEWS HOOK: A key way to catch the big one This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President Unfortunately for PR professionals, we don’t get to decide what is news. Only the media determine what is worthy of publishing. So just because your client is, say, moving locations, doesn’t make it news — […]