BLUNDER: CNN stands corrected How could one of the world’s most important news sources get it wrong? This morning, no doubt many Americans were huddled around their TVs watching as CNN mistakenly reported that the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down the individual mandate, essentially gutting recently enacted health care reform. A producer’s error had […]

A successful social media program is often more of a science than an art. You won’t achieve your business objectives without putting in place the proper planks, processes, and procedures to support your efforts. I talked to Forbes contributor Kimberly Whitler about some of the tactics we recommend to clients, and she featured my advice […]

ENERGIZED: We power up the first meeting of the DVMA Three years ago, I realized that the world was about to change and the epicenter for that change would soon occur in a place near and dear to my heart. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I became enamored by early stories of vast reserves of clean-burning […]

As a national PR firm, we typically don’t dabble in local PR flare-ups of little interest to those outside Philadelphia. But here in Philly, where football is a religion, we couldn’t resist commenting on last week’s news that the Philadelphia Eagles had parted ways with long-time President Joe Banner. The news came as a particular […]