By the headlines you would think that the Facebook IPO was a colossal failure. “Was the Facebook Deal Overhyped?” asks CNBC. “Facebook IPO More Whimper than Bang,” exclaims CBS. “Facebook IPO Gets Chilly Greeting on a Cool Morning,” notes Forbes. In the middle of the afternoon on Friday, I walked past the TV in our […]

I’ve got to admit, I am a business idea killjoy. You know the kind of guy who always tells you why a business idea you came up with won’t work or how it was tried before and failed. I blame it on having been around the block a few times, and having seen the winners […]

This post was written by Sara Nugent, Executive Editor of Social Media Today’s topic on GThink: “Next-Generation Publishing Platform Hyperink Wants To Transform Blogs Into Books,” covered by TechCrunch. Abstract: Hyperink, a next-generation digital book publishing platform, is debuting a service which helps bloggers create short books from their existing content. The startup will help […]