Frank Shorter once said he ran marathons so that he could eat mayonnaise straight from the jar and not worry about the calories. Sometimes I feel like I do PR so that I can watch TV, anytime, anywhere, and classify it as research when my wife complains that I might as well be practicing the […]

And how to use it to change public opinion Last week, I had the opportunity to stand before hundreds of oil and gas professionals and explain to them that while they have the facts and truth on their side, they are losing the battle for public opinion regarding American’s most important new energy source. The […]

And a plea to bring back Up With People 😉 In a country best known as the entertainment capital of the world, our Super Bowl halftime shows stink and it’s time to rework the old, tired format of hauling out an aging singer or band and putting on a fake concert, complete with paid fans swaying […]