This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President THE NEW NEWS: Companies will need to continue to adapt in 2013 Just like in 2012, and the previous 15 years I’ve spent in and around the media and practicing media relations, 2013 will once again bring rapid and daily change. I’ve seen the most […]

Happy holidays, with some fun

December 24, 2012

Our team thought we’d bring some fun to your holidays with this greeting card we created. Click the image for a few seasonal funnies — social media style. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and a new year filled with happiness and success.

GET THE PICTURE: 2013 will be marked by an increase in visual content strategies If there is one clear picture that was vividly painted for social media this year, it’s that 2012 was the year of visual storytelling. We’ve seen a meteoric rise in visual content across every social platform. The media have become more […]

This post was written by Kristin Elliott, Vice President of Business Development Marketers are increasingly under pressure to deliver business results with social media. And while some marketers have been able to grow social networks, get content retweeted, and in some cases, have their content go viral, they can’t connect the dots between that effort […]

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President Diane Agostinello, Director of Marketing and Leasing Services for Kimco Realty If you ask Diane Agostinello, Director of Marketing and Leasing Services for Kimco Realty, what her organization knew about blogging and social media 18 months ago, she’d tell you they knew virtually nothing, except […]

I am guilty as charged. A victim of insider public relations. I admit, I have written my fair share of bad press releases. You know the kind, littered with formal, stilted language and qualifying clauses that no one believes or will ever incorporate in an article. But you have to, at least sometimes. There are […]

Go negative, go early, and set the agenda from the outset When it comes to communications, I check my politics at the door and instead just enjoy the delicious, vicious game of American politics. If you want to win in the blood sport of American political PR — an arena I never desire to enter […]

A great deal of what I know about PR, I learned from Auntie Anne. The pretzel queen. A former Amish woman turned entrepreneur, who, in the 1990s retained my firm to promote her burgeoning franchise empire of hand-rolled soft pretzel stores. It wasn’t an easy assignment, convincing someone who had been taught all of their […]

This post was written by Joe Hassett, Senior Vice President Well, the news is out. Laura Paugh, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations at Marriott, and colleague, Thomas Marder, VP-Managing, Corporate Relations, will be guest speakers at our upcoming webinar, “The Socialization of IR: How to Drive Shareholder Value Through Social Media.” The Marriott blogging […]

Something’s rank

October 26, 2012

The absence of this year’s annual ranking of PR firms turns up some troubling truths For years, the Philadelphia Business Journal has published a ranking of Philadelphia PR firms by revenue. And for years, our entire staff has looked forward to its annual publication. This year, though, the Business Journal has had enough. Instead of […]