Could John Wanamaker have been wrong when he lamented that 50 percent of all advertising works, the problem being that advertisers don’t know which half? But what if in reality, instead of just 50 percent of advertising not working, 100 percent of advertising dollars spent on TV, newspaper, and magazine advertising in the past failed […]

“Quirkology” shows us the power of communications to impact human behavior Seven perfect days of vacation allowed me to once again indulge a passion for communications and its impact on human behavior. Words have always been my thing. And understanding the impact of words drives much of my waking hours (and sometimes even my sleeping […]

This post was written by Sara Nugent, Executive Editor of Social Media Content is king, but it’s also killer. It can be difficult to create, and time consuming to do well. But there are ways to transform information, data, and goings-on within any organization into authentic news and content, the kind that connects with digital […]

Or the nine most common reasons why so much of corporate storytelling sucks I stumbled upon an interesting article in “Technology Review” when I was traveling last week about a new shopping service in South Korea that transforms a subway station wall into a virtual grocery store. Using cell phones, commuters snap photos of the […]

For me, it’s already solved one of Facebook’s most vexing problems It’s gonna get good. The Google/Facebook war. With the beta release of Google Plus, the online giant is coming after Facebook in a way it never succeeded with Wave. What’s hinted at is a fully integrated product that will allow users — both businesses […]

If there is one thing that we have learned over the past couple of weeks, it’s that careless use of social media can damage your reputation within a matter of seconds. Whether you are a person or business, politician or average Joe, given the chance, social media can be an equal opportunity reputation destroyer. OK, […]

This post was written by Mike Lizun, Senior Vice President Where do stories come from? I mean, in this 24/7, always on world of media and news, what is the origination point and how can we initiate the process to win interest and awareness for our issues, products, services, and thought leadership? Ironically, it often […]

This past Memorial Day, I nearly died. My motorcycle skidded on a patch of wet leaves, throwing me left then right. It could have been bad. A leg crushed under the bike. Or worse, my head hitting the pavement. Instead, I kept the bike upright. It all happened in an instant. But as I unpacked […]

Where does this stuff come from? The unwritten rules of PR that surface again and again, but often have no basis in fact. So here, after 25 years of experience, let me share with you some of the greatest myths of media relations and the truth in back of them. 1. Never say no comment. […]

Beating back the public backlash of cheating requires more than public relations, it demands the truth. Full disclosure: I loved Lance Armstrong. Followed every stage of his seven Tour de France victories, and even traveled to France one year to watch him ride a stage. On the wall in back of my right shoulder sits a […]