The facts are on industry’s side, but emotion is what all too often fuels the public’s opinion about American energy. America’s most important new source of domestic, clean energy is a massive geographic structure that lies 9,000 feet below West Virginia, western Pennsylvania and New York. The Marcellus promises to transform America’s energy future by […]

A word of public relations advice to our Occupiers Any movement that gains the kind of national attention that Occupy Wall Street — and now its attendant protests — has generated deserves our attention and analysis. What started as a grassroots call to action by Canadian-based Adbusters Media Foundation, has in the last three weeks […]

The death of Steve Jobs draws to an end the last great era of American innovation To my father, it was the death of John Kennedy. To my older brother and sisters, it was the day John Lennon died. But to me, it happened last night, when ironically his own invention vibrated in my pocket […]