Win $250 for the worst TV show idea! I willfully admit it. I love media, and especially TV — the deliciously mind-numbing pastime that keeps me sane and indulges my love of all things media. I’ve always had a particular fascination with how an episode is conceived of and comes into being. Face it, there […]

When science and the media walk in lock step the result is a public disservice It started Tuesday with the Washington earthquake and the media’s seemingly desperate attempts to find someone, anyone willing to share their injuries or damage. None could be found, as this viral photo so aptly affirms. And the week ended in […]

Could John Wanamaker have been wrong when he lamented that 50 percent of all advertising works, the problem being that advertisers don’t know which half? But what if in reality, instead of just 50 percent of advertising not working, 100 percent of advertising dollars spent on TV, newspaper, and magazine advertising in the past failed […]

“Quirkology” shows us the power of communications to impact human behavior Seven perfect days of vacation allowed me to once again indulge a passion for communications and its impact on human behavior. Words have always been my thing. And understanding the impact of words drives much of my waking hours (and sometimes even my sleeping […]