This post was written by Sara Nugent, Executive Editor of Social Media Content is king, but it’s also killer. It can be difficult to create, and time consuming to do well. But there are ways to transform information, data, and goings-on within any organization into authentic news and content, the kind that connects with digital […]

Or the nine most common reasons why so much of corporate storytelling sucks I stumbled upon an interesting article in “Technology Review” when I was traveling last week about a new shopping service in South Korea that transforms a subway station wall into a virtual grocery store. Using cell phones, commuters snap photos of the […]

For me, it’s already solved one of Facebook’s most vexing problems It’s gonna get good. The Google/Facebook war. With the beta release of Google Plus, the online giant is coming after Facebook in a way it never succeeded with Wave. What’s hinted at is a fully integrated product that will allow users — both businesses […]