Beating back the public backlash of cheating requires more than public relations, it demands the truth. Full disclosure: I loved Lance Armstrong. Followed every stage of his seven Tour de France victories, and even traveled to France one year to watch him ride a stage. On the wall in back of my right shoulder sits a […]

A simple lesson really. Driven home in the most unlikely of places, the campus of Carnegie Mellon University. Two weeks ago, I was there in the bleachers for what I thought would be a mind-numbing experience — listening to graduation speakers blather on about how students should go out in the world, pursue their passions, […]

As I write this, LinkedIn shares are trading around $100, roughly double the price at which they debuted. Does this suggest smart money recognizes the value of this B2B social networking platform? Investment wisdom aside, the IPO sets the stage for LinkedIn to become an even more important channel of business communications, something that the […]

What college student Daniel Lippman can teach every PR person about building relationships with the media He’s on a first-name basis with some of the most influential media in the world. And he hasn’t yet graduated from college. I first learned about Daniel Lippman when reading On The Media, the online site of the PBS […]

Everyone is talking about Microsoft buying Skype, the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s 36-year history. And they’re talking about the obvious: the far-reaching implications for Microsoft Windows, Office, its cloud strategy, Xbox and Kinect, Bing, and its partner network. How Microsoft will screw up Skype. How the marketing peeps will rebrand it Microsoft Office Cloud Voice Professional […]

The top 10 worst interview answers from prospective interns Every semester Gregory FCA looks for young, talented individuals to join our team. Our program here is designed to give students a real world view of PR and to build a farm team for the company. Typically, we offer two or three top interns full-time positions […]

For the Obama administration, yesterday was its finest moment of messaging. The decision to not release images of Osama bin Laden’s corpse is fraught with peril during an age when conspiracy theorists can command the discourse even in the face of fact and evidence. I have written extensively about the power of conspiracy theories throughout […]