We’ve gotten a lot of feedback since we posted our first study on public opinion about Marcellus Shale development. We recently expanded on that analysis and took a closer look at how Marcellus Shale scores in sentiment in traditional and social media. Here’s what we found. New Study from Gregory FCA and GoMarcellusShale.com Shows Marcellus […]

It’s sad commentary that so much of my life has been defined by CNN, war, and Wolf Blitzer. Dating back to 1990 with the birth of my first daughter, I spent 3 a.m. feedings warming apple juice and watching the Gulf War, the first Gulf War, the one before the other Mideast wars, unfold. Wolf […]

Today’s resignation of NPR’s CEO Vivian Schiller raises an important question that the beleaguered network should now consider answering. Would NPR be better off without the federal support it receives each year from taxpayer dollars? That very question rests at the heart of Schiller’s resignation, which comes on the heels of a sting operation in […]

I had nothing more in the game than an intellectual curiosity. That’s what led me to write my last post about a Nielsen Buzzmetrics analysis that Gregory FCA conducted that showed declining public opinion for Marcellus Shale development. It’s a topic that is close to my heart simply because my family’s roots trace to the coal […]