What could be the most important new source of clean, domestic energy has hit headwinds in the court of public opinion. New research shows that public sentiment about Marcellus Shale development is positive, but that sentiment is falling. The oil and gas industry now needs to act to shore up public opinion and guarantee that […]

Watson’s “Jeopardy!” appearance reminds us all that simple, fun, and creative is often the most powerful PR strategy of all I just had to tune in. For weeks, I have been waiting for the big showdown between Watson — the IBM supercomputer — and two all-time “Jeopardy!” greats, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Truthfully, I […]

I make a lot of predictions about the future of public relations and the media on this blog, sometimes taking heat. Nothing felt the burn more in 2010 than a post I wrote in July calling for increased transparency in online commenting and improving the authenticity of digital communications. At the time, I suggested that […]

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only newspaper, magazine, video, and interactive mashup, premiered this week after months of speculation and hoopla. News Corporation’s promise is to reinvent journalism through an iTunes-like, carousel-driven presentation that allows readers to swipe their way through content that mixes gorgeous photography and still-glitchy video with writing that’s somewhere between The New […]

Or the rise and fall of hate TV Since the news broke, I have been following the Keith Olbermann affair, gorging on both left-wing and right-wing conspiracy theories behind his sudden departure from MSNBC. It took a lot of wading through the swamps of bias and party partisanship before forming my own opinion. Clarity first […]