How to find hot new media topics to publicize your product, service, or company You can flog a bad story idea for 1,000 hours with no results. Or you can identify a single strong story idea and move mountains in minutes. So much of media relations is based on the strength of the story. Is […]

Why is it that some stories that don’t make sense often get stuck in the public’s consciousness and can never be dislodged? Even if they’re ridiculous. Unsubstantiated. Absurd. So the story of the Bush Administration’s orchestration of 9/11 continues to resurface. And an increasing percentage of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act […]

News arrived this week that ProfNet and HARO, two public relations media matching services that connect a reporter’s need for sources and information with public relations professionals, has a new competitor. NewsBasis seeks to connect reporters working on timely stories with the opinions and input of publicists, cleverly left as comments embedded in online stories. […]

I guess our jobs just got a whole lot harder, and rightly so. The recent success of the Old Spice Guy’s social media campaign illustrates just how much the world has changed, and how the integration of social media and advertising works to build impact and sales. The numbers alone are awe-inspiring. Sales of Old […]

The more credible commenting becomes, the more valuable of a tool it becomes for clients and firms. This morning, as with many mornings, I woke up to read The Philadelphia Inquirer sports section and keep abreast of DooDooFresh. DooDoo is a daily reader-commenter who is obsessed with former Eagle’s quarterback Donovan McNabb and his habit […]

Many of you attended our national media panel in April, “The Art of News and Storytelling in the Age of Social and Digital Media.” We’ve provided you several resources as an outgrowth to it, including the podcast, video, and transcript from the event. Now the last piece has fallen in place. We’ve published the complete […]

I am a self-confessed news junkie. A guy whose favorite day in eighth-grade social studies was current events. Even earlier, at age 12, I wrote a letter to “60 Minutes.” So incensed was I over some long-forgotten story. With the Internet, the access and obsession have grown that much stronger. What was once a daily […]

As PR practitioners, we often fall into the trap of believing that relationships trump all, and that by being open and transparent with the media, we stand the best chance of winning favorable coverage. But underneath it all, the media’s agenda is vastly different than our own. Reporters are rarely promoted or rewarded for writing […]

Last week was an exciting one here at Gregory FCA. We deployed teams of professionals to media events throughout the country to handle a number of client programs. Friday’s end-of-week debrief meeting was pretty intense with everyone sharing what worked and what didn’t out in the field. As teams presented, I realized that the more […]

With today’s post, we’re going to take a break from our usual reporting on PR to share with you a note we received from Ann Marie Gordon, a junior member of the firm, who is also a communications specialist and reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard. Ann Marie is participating in the Coast Guard’s response […]