But most PR practitioners haven’t even seen yet or used an iPad. Apple is expected to sell 3.4 million iPads in Q3, while Barclays predicts that tablet PCs will sell 28 million units in 2011. All this spells tremendous opportunity for companies seeking to communicate with customers, investors, employees, and other audiences, as well as […]

How to find hot new media topics to publicize your product, service, or company You can flog a bad story idea for 1,000 hours with no results. Or you can identify a single strong story idea and move mountains in minutes. So much of media relations is based on the strength of the story. Is […]

Why is it that some stories that don’t make sense often get stuck in the public’s consciousness and can never be dislodged? Even if they’re ridiculous. Unsubstantiated. Absurd. So the story of the Bush Administration’s orchestration of 9/11 continues to resurface. And an increasing percentage of Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act […]

News arrived this week that ProfNet and HARO, two public relations media matching services that connect a reporter’s need for sources and information with public relations professionals, has a new competitor. NewsBasis seeks to connect reporters working on timely stories with the opinions and input of publicists, cleverly left as comments embedded in online stories. […]