Last week was an exciting one here at Gregory FCA. We deployed teams of professionals to media events throughout the country to handle a number of client programs. Friday’s end-of-week debrief meeting was pretty intense with everyone sharing what worked and what didn’t out in the field. As teams presented, I realized that the more […]

With today’s post, we’re going to take a break from our usual reporting on PR to share with you a note we received from Ann Marie Gordon, a junior member of the firm, who is also a communications specialist and reservist in the U.S. Coast Guard. Ann Marie is participating in the Coast Guard’s response […] ran an interesting story this morning that quotes language guru Paul J.J. Payack as suggesting that the reason President Obama’s Tuesday night’s speech about the oil spill failed is that it was written at a 9.8 grade level. It’s the highest grade level of any of his speeches, which average a 7.4 grade level. […]

This Tuesday, we brought together a number of clients to share an evening of discussion about the issues their companies are facing with regard to social media. It was an interesting mix of people and businesses. Different industries, different problems, and a singular goal to learn from one another. Some common themes emerged. What surprised […]

So finally this weekend, we received some good news from the Gulf Coast. BP’s containment dome appears to be capturing significant amounts of the oil spill, and BP CEO Tony Hayward told the BBC he expects this latest development could lead to the vast majority of the leak being captured at, or near, the well […]

In an interesting article in last week’s Time magazine, writer Lev Grossman gives readers an inside look at how recommendation software is used by online giants such as Pandora, Netflix, and to suggest relevant topics and products. It’s a good read, and full of little-considered issues as to how this software is created and […]